Re: [Evolution] new mail notification not working?

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 01:55, Not Zed wrote:
Its not requirred for pop or local delivery, they are by default always

That's not my experience.  I had my main Inbox set to local delivery and
a sym-link from evolution/local/Inbox/mbox to /var/spool/pete (which in
turn was an NFS mount from elsewhere).  Filters were never automatically
applied to that inbox - they worked fine manually applied.  I have since
changed to using a Unix mbox spool and the filters are automatically
applied without any problems.  Using a Unix spool is no problem, so I am
happy enough with it - except I would prefer my main inbox to be towards
the top of the Folders list - and AFAICS there is no way to arbitrarily
change the order of the things in that list.

This is evo 1.2.2 on a patched RH7.2 SMP box.


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