[Evolution] Problem with Evolution 1.08-10

  I'm not sure I can even describe the problem adequately, so bear with me.

  For some time now I have been able to get email, but not send it.  I can
POP into my email server (I have my own domain) and get email, but if I
reply, or create email and try to send it, I get an error message. 
Strangely though, when I send it to an address on the local domain the
mail goes through perfectly, anywhere else, and it doesn't.  I get this
error message:

 Error while 'sending "subject"':
 RCPT TO response error: Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable: 
mail not sent

  My friend who runs my server, says it looks like Evolution is sending
copies of the email to other 'users' with garbled addresses like:

 "On Jun", "e 4th", "Bob sai", "d to me"

  Which to me clearly looks like what most emailers stick at the top of an
email message, when replying to someone.  Somehow Evolution is grabbing
bits and pieces of that and using them as email addresses, and they're
being rejected, and Evolution then won't even send the email to the
legit address I have in the address field.

  Could this be in a mangled config file or something?

  Any help would be appreciated.  (I just subscribed to this list)

  Many thanks.



  "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we might win, by
fearing to attempt."

   --Bill Shakespeare.

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