Re: [Evolution] Help, evo 1.2 -> 1.4 What happened with keys?

what's unix?

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 10:38, Roland Orre wrote:
On 25 Jun 2003, guenther wrote:
I just upgraded from evolution 1.2 to evolution 1.4 (the only one
available in the Debian unstable distribution)

I always believed folks using Debian unstable are knowing better to take
over a thread and reply... ;-)

For all years I stuck to the principle that the systems I'm
running should be available on CD, but over time I found that I
want the "bleeding edge" anyway, so running Debian unstable is
the most comfortable way of doing this (if you have a good
connection that is :) (our company has 100 Mb/s))

There are also other advantages going to the mailing list, because
it's probably read by the developers as well. I found by some search
that this should be handled centrally now (gnome-keybinding-properties
since gtk2) but that didn't work.

So, then I just can't understand how they (they evolution developers)
can remove that setting before they have verified that it works.

For me it means I won't use evolution 1.4 (there's also another issue
with mail editing making in unusuable)
I'll continue using 1.2 until evolution starts working again.

It's possible that the evolution developers are not *nix people
or it's possible that they are not using evolution (at least not
1.4) themselves.  *nix people don't accept the crappy editing
style contaminated from the Windoze environment (at least when
having a choice).

Now I can't choose what editing keys to use in composer.
Earlier I could choose "Emacs or Xemacs" in "Composer prefereneces".

Now I get this stupid microsoft way of key definitions, which makes
it very hard to write and edit a simple mail in the composer.

I can't see any settings for this, how do I do?

This is a known issue and currently broken.

I have got some hints, but that's all, that I should be
able to specify some keybindings in xml to fix the editor
keys, but I have not found any docs on this.



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