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On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 23:29, Glen Roberts wrote:
Most folks use the root account rather than creating
their own at one time or another when building a Linux
box.  This causes problems when using apps like Gnome,
screensavers and Evolution.  So, here I am trying to
bring my Evolutions 1.4 settings over to my personal
account and they're not working hence having to resort
to using Yahoo for email.  

Using su I've copied the evolution directory over but
it still does not use them.  What gives? How can one
use existing Evolution settings even when the program
won't import it's OWN files?

Here's a way I ended up working around this:

After setting up my system and using it for a few days as "root", I
copied the /root/evolution folder to a VFAT drive, logged out/in as the
user I wanted (me, I reckon), got all my settings/desktops/wm's the way
I wanted, then ran Evo again...without really setting up any REAL
accounts, then killed Evo (killev) and deleted the existing
~/home/mynamegoeshere/evolution diretory and copied the old one off the
VFAT partition where I wanted it, and ran Evo again...voila! all my
account info was there, all my email was there...

A bit roundabout, but it worked...

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