[Evolution] Miscellaneous problems with Evolution


Hopefully, someone can help me with a few problems I'm having with
Evolution.  I'm using Evolution 1.4 (installed with XD2) on Redhat 9.

1) I'm *sometimes* having problems connecting to an IMAP server.  More
often than not, I cannot view the messages in the INBOX folder for my
default email account, although I can view the messages for every other
folder in that account.  When I select the INBOX, I get a message in the
main window saying that this folder cannot  display messages (actually,
I forget the verbatim wording of the message, but as it's been an issue
in the past on this list, I'm sure you know to which message I'm
referring).  Only seldomly will the INBOX display any messages (like
today).  In the FAQ, I spotted a question about a work-around for this
in 1.2.2 that involved subscribing to the INBOX using the subscription
manager.  Up until today (mysteriously), this was not possible because
the IMAP server did not appear in the list of servers in the
subscription manager.  Which leads me to problem 2...

2) The list of servers in the subscription manager is woefully
incomplete.  I set up three IMAP accounts and only one of the IMAP
servers shows up in the subscription manager (again, as of today, prior
to which, none showed up in the list).

Hopefully, issue 1 is now a non-issue, since the IMAP server suddenly
showed up in the subscription manager and I was able to subscribe to the
INBOX.  But, issue 2 still baffles me, although it's not a show-stopping

3) I haven't perused the archives yet for this one, but how do I set up
the filters to automatically filter incoming mail?  I've checked the box
in the account setup under Receiving Options indicating that Evolution
should apply filters to new messages in the INBOX, but this doesn't seem
to be working the way I expect it.  I subscribe to a handful of lists
and I would like the messages for each list to go into their designated
folders without my intervention.  I have a separate filter for each
list, but right now I have to apply the filters manually.  Am I missing

And lastly...
4) The INBOX does not always indicate the correct number of unread
messages.  This seems to occur after I apply filters to the INBOX.  The
filters move messages to other folders, but Evolution doesn't update the
number of unread messages in the INBOX right away.  I say "right away"
because after about 5 minutes, Evolution realizes this and updates the

Any thoughts on any of the above would very helpful.  Thanks for your
assistance and time!

Nathan Sweet
University of New Mexico
Career Services
System Administrator

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