[Evolution] Pipe message to Shell....


I just started using bogofilter to filter spam a few weeks ago when I was
using the Evolution 1.2 releases.

I used the steps outlined at:

Since then I have upgraded to the 1.4 version of Evolution and the 'pipe
message to shell command' seems to stop working. I wrote a little perl
shell command to test it and It does seem to not be working.

Does anyone have any advice on this matter?



p.s. Here is the perl script I wrote...

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
# stdin.pl

my $input = <STDIN>;
$input .= "input was: $input??\n";

$numArgs = $#ARGV + 1;

$input .= "thanks, you gave me $numArgs command-line arguments.\n";

foreach $argnum (0 .. $#ARGV) {
   $input .= "$ARGV[$argnum]\n";

$logfile = "/home/pi/test.txt";

open (LOG, ">>$logfile");
 print LOG "$input\n";

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