Re: [Evolution] Spelling not working in Evolution 1.2.4

Hi Dije,

Looks like Debian testing is broken with regards to spell checking at
this point in time.

gnome-spell depends on
    libaspell10 and libpspell4

aspell-en depends on

libaspell15 conflicts with libaspell10

The problem is that (the way I understand) aspell-en provides english
spell checking, but conflicts with gnome-spell. So, no dictionary.

Once this will be fixed, you go to gnome control center, setup languages
in spell, then you open settings in evolution and select whatever
language you want.

That is it.

So, where is Evolution 1.4 in deb
woody main?


On Thu, 2003-06-12 at 04:43, Dije DJ Mashao wrote:
I checked on the web and I still cannot figure out why my spelling is
not working when I am composing emails. I did the
Tools->Settings->Composer Preferences
Selected spell checking. No dictionaries appear. Where do I get these
dictionaries? Why is spell checking selectable when there are no

I am using Debian testing/unstable. 

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