Re: [Evolution] Strange UTF8 problem in 1.4.3

On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 22:03, Ragnar Henriksen wrote:
On fre, 2003-07-25 at 11:28, Erik Bågfors wrote:
I'm having some strange UTF8-problems in evo 1.4.3 that didn't exist
in 1.4.0 and earlier.


I've experienced this as well. I change the character encoding (in the
view-menu) to UTF-8 to view the mail correctly, when the problem appear.

Same here. It seems that the message body is UTF-8 encoded although the
message itself is ISO8859-15. So the readers thinks the message is
ISO8859-15 and renders garbage where the accentuated characters are
because they are in fact UTF-8. But if one forces their interpretation
as UTF-8, they render fine.

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