Re: [Evolution] REMOVE Re: evolution digest, Vol 1 #311 - 12 msgs


I tried signing up to the "Clueless Users Mailing list" (see but neither
of the
ones that I know about exist any more (clueless mantis co uk and
clueless c2 org). Shame.

I wouldn't advocate doing this, but for those people that are
annoyed by
this pointless stupidity, the following procmail rule may be of

       * ^From *u foellmer witen de
       !u foellmer witen de

Placed near the beginning of your ~/.procmailrc, you'll not see
any more
of these unsubscribe requests.  Ute, on the other hand, will see
one of them...

     Jeremy Prior  <jez netcraft com>
Netcraft Ltd, Treenwood Ho, Rowden La, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15
      Tel: +44-1225-867932 (direct-dial)  Fax: +44-8700-517767

evolution maillist  -  evolution lists ximian com

ahh, the joys of creative frustration *g*

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