Re: to alarm or not to alarm (was: Re: [Evolution] Completely unload Evolution from memory.)

I just wondered (nope, not using alarm normally):

As these processes have to be running for notifying the user, shouldn't
they be launched on login?

As they are not running on login, the user will not be notified unless
he actually runs Evolution -- at least for a short time.

if you start evolution on a GNOME session, when closing the session, the
list of running programs is saved, so the alarm daemon should be started
if it was running when the session was ended.

Well, as I said, I am just wondering. I don't use alarms ATM.

Neither did I ever save my session when logging out. I only manually
added gkrellm to the session to start on login. I don't like
automatically recreating all running apps and I even close my apps
before logging out...

I also close all my apps before logging out, but I don't kill the other
processes, so this saves any daemon/component that is running for the
next session.

I don't kill any process either. I just never *saved* a session.

That means, alarm notification will not work as expected before starting
Evolution -- unless the user has actually saved a session with
evolution-alarm-notify running.

This is not mentioned anywhere IMHO -- but it should. Or the alarm
daemon has to be added by Evolution.


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