[Evolution] working offline / headers only / IMAP

Jeff, and others

Thanks for your very prompt reply.  I have already ticked all the
folders in Settings | Folder Settings | Offline Folders so that is not
the problem - I still only get headers for some messages, and if I click
on the message to view the message body I get "Error retrieving message
303. You must be working online to complete this operation". 

I have experimented further, and found that the problem is not quite as
I described in my earlier email (in which I thought it was a problem of

I now find that the problem is that mail messages do not seem to be
cached if they have already been read on another client (eg using a web
client). In this case, I only get the header.  It seems that the body of
messages that are unread; or which have been read using this copy of
Evolution before going offline, are properly cached when you go
offline.  (I am not sure yet whether there are exceptions to this.)

I would be grateful for any further advice on this.


On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 20:26, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
In the settings, you can configure which folders are to be synced to 
disk when going offline.

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