[Evolution] Re: Evo 1.4.3 -- Wacky Japanese Decoding

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 09:29, The Matt wrote:
Folks, I recently upgraded to 1.4.3 (the Red Hat Rawhide) and I noticed
that my emails in Japanese are broken now.  They weren't in previous
1.4.  Namely, I'm getting lots of those 4-number Unicode boxes, instead
of kana (and sometimes odd math symbols).

I know it's not my Freetype or the like, as I didn't change it and
Japanese pages come in Galeon just fine.

Is this a distro wide problem, or a bug with the Rawhide version?

OK, some fiddling around with Character Encodings showed that one email
was using EUC-JP when it should use UTF-8.  I wonder why it all of the
sudden changed?  Oh well.  Sorry for the bother.

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