Re: [Evolution] Help! No email folders available!

On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 12:30, Grant Rutherford wrote:
Hi there,

I'm afraid that I'm not exactly an expert in this software... Anyways:

Evolution (1.2.2-5) will start and will display calandar, contacts, tasks 
etc., but will not display the summary page or any of the email folders 
(inbox, etc.)  I have a KDE desktop, and everything worked fine up till 
yesterday when we had a power outage and my computer and the server 

Thanks for letting us know about the power outage.  Many users might not
mention that detail. ;-)

It looks like the summary and mail components are crashing (or just
exiting) on startup.  The other symptoms which I cropped all support
this assessment.  It might be useful (from a standpoint of figuring out
how to undo the mess from the unclean shutdown) to go through the
following steps:

1) Quit Evolution.
2) In a terminal window, run "killev".
3) In the same terminal window, run "evolution-mail".
4) In a different terminal window, run "evolution-executive-summary".
5) Run Evolution.

I would expect error messages in the terminal windows, and they might
provide some insight into what is going wrong.  If components crash,
running them through gdb might help (e.g. "gdb evolution-mail", at the
gdb prompt enter "run", and if it crashes, enter "thread apply all bt").

Not that this will fix the problem, but are you running a journaling
file system of any sort?  Was there any indication of file system
corruption on initial reboot after the power outage?

It might be worth checking whether Evolution works better for a
different users (a scratch user if necessary).  If it does, that
suggests that the problems are with files in ~.  If it doesn't, that
suggests a possible package-management solution.

-Mark Gordon

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