[Evolution] Evolution 1.4.x missing "feature" ???


I have been an evolution user for quite a few years now. I was quite pleased when RedHat incorporated 
Evolution into their Linux distro. But I like to keep up with the latest versions of things and so, after 
installing RedHat version 9 and using it for a number of months, I recently upgraded Evolution to the latest 
version. After using it for a few days, I was distressed to notice 2 things that I always used to use are no 
longer as they used to be:

1. the killev command line script is no longer easily accessible (I used to be able to just type killev at 
the command line and it would execute). I know that it is still there and that I can still execute it by 
altering my "path" or including the full path to the file on the command line. However, this used to be taken 
care of for me, and now it isn't.

2. More importantly, and more distressing to me, is the removal of a very useful feature that I LOVED in the 
older versions of evolution. When you had one or more new message or reply-to message windows up (I often 
edit a bunch of messages and leave them up while I gather info for them or just contemplate what I want to 
say before I send them), if, for whatever reason, evolution crashed or had to be forcably killed due to a UI 
lock-up or a system reboot, upon re-starting Evolution and attempting to either reply to a message or create 
a new message, a dialog would appear informing you that Evolution detected unsaved messages and asked it you 
wanted it to attempt to recover those messages for you. If you replied in the affirmative, it would recreate 
all of those lost messages and open each in its own window ... and then create the new/reply message that you 
had originally requested as well. I cannot tell you how many times this feature saved my sanity and countless 
hours of my time!!!!!

Is there any way we can get, at least, feature #2 re-created for us? I really relied on that feature and if I 
can't get it in the new evolution, I may be "forced" to go back to version 1.2  that was included in RedHat 
version 9. It is that important to me.

Thank you in advance,

Peter Pavlovich
Senior Software Engineer
Kronos Incorporated

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