Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.0 UI proposal

Currently, the headers aren't fixed, they're at
the top of the document and will also scroll-up or down. Maybe in
Evolution 2.0, we can make the email header's position fixed, just like
in Mozilla Mail, stays at the top of the viewer (preview pane or open
the mail in a separate window), even if you scroll-up or down the email.

Please no (at least if so then configurable off) - I *hate* the way
mozilla chews up space in teh window for that, made worse by the
addresses being cut off if there are more than 2 recipients.

Yeah, that's why we did it the way we did. The theory was that you can
just look up to the message list to see the summary info while you're
reading the message, if you need to.

OTOH, that doesn't work for people who read messages in a separate
window, so perhaps in the separate-window view, the headers should stay

-- Dan

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