[Evolution] Evo 1.4 -- Killing X?

I have noticed an increasing problem of late, on my Debian/unstable
workstation. I'm running Evo 1.4.0 from deb from the Debian archive.

The problem I have seen manifests itself in one of two ways. Either the
X process will run away on me (CPU pegs with the prime offender being
XFree86 at something like 99.7%. I can't get the display to come up at
the console and generally have to ssh in and kill X), or when working at
the console, I will do something and it will cause X to kick me out and
go back to an xdm login.

The thing that I have noticed several times is that the activity that
causes me to be kicked out when sitting at the console is clicking the
Send/Receive in Evo. I had it happen to me just this morning with one
Eterm and evo running. I am beginning to suspect that the runaway
processes (which generally happen overnight when evo is running as
opposed to during the day when it is not) is also evo autochecking mail.
Has anyone seen behavior similar to this? Is there a fix for it?

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