[Evolution] Problem with Inbox

Hi all, I'm having some trouble getting my Inbox to work the way I think
it should. I'm receiving my mail using fetchmail which puts it into the
standard /var/spool/mail/michael file. 

I've configured an account in Evo with server type "Local Delivery",
which points to /var/spool/mail/michael. However, nothing ever shows up
in the Inbox.

If I configure an account with server type "Standard Unix mbox spool or
directory", Evo sees the mail in that Inbox. Problem is that it adds to
the clutter to have a separate account for this when I thought that the
standard Inbox should handle this.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Why can't I see any mail in
the Evolution Local Folders -> Inbox?

Michael J. Rensing <michael rensing shaw ca>

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