Re: [Evolution] Missing charsets in FontSet creation

Its probably a message with some broken data which is crashing iconv or
something.  Happens to me a lot with some chinese mails because this
libc is a bit out of date.  Really need a backtrace of the crash though
to tell for sure.

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 02:29, Mertens Bram wrote:

The Evolution-mail handler crashed twice on me today, so I decided to
launch Evo from an xterm and I noticed the following  lines repeated
several times:

Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation
Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15
Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15

I don't know if this is something new - possibly related to my
'font-troubles' lately - or if this is normal.

Can anybody tell me what this means and how I can/should fix this?


btw Evo didn't crash anymore after launching ti from the xterm...
(Using Evo 1.2.2 on RH7.3)
 #  Mertens Bram "M8ram" <bram-mertens linux be>   Linux User #249103  #
 # Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla) kernel 2.4.18-19.7.x i686 128MB RAM #
 #  4:55pm up 5 days, 3:11, 2 users, load average: 0.39, 0.20, 0.22 #

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