Re: [Evolution] Evolution bug in Mailto for KDE

Yes I can get it to work from console also, but the same string coming 
from KDE does not work. Gnome didnt work either. I installed the patches 
for the security fix and the problem still exists. I guess if I had half a 
brain I could probably look at the kde source myself and submit a patch. 
But I dont have a clue as to where I would start in the code since I've 
never even bothered to look at it. What I dont understand, is why it would 
send %t just fine no matter where it is placed in the line, yet the other 
variables will only work if they are the only thing in the line. Aniother 
combination I have tried are as follows:

 evolution mailto:'%t'?subject='%s'

This sends the T variable data, subject is blank.

 evolution mailto:'%t'?subject="%s"

Sends T variable data, subject comes up as %s.

 evolution "mailto:%t?subject=%s";

This doesnt even open evolution. It just sits there and does nothing.

 evolution "mailto:%t";

Again, evo doesnt open.

 evolution mailto:%t?subject='%s'

sens T data, subject is blank.

 evolution 'mailto:%t?subject=%s'

Evo doesnt open.
 evolution 'mailto:'%t''?subject='%s''

Evo doesnt open.

I have tried many other variations as well. But still none have worked 
yet. Atleast I can get it to work with %t but its still broken by the fact 
that it cannot use any of the other 4 variables available. Whether its KDE 
that's broke or evo, I dont really know. All I can do is pretty much show 
tests of what does and does not work.

I just tried it with you test strings from a console. Works as expected
her. (Evo was running.)

% evolution mailto:'here test com'?subject='Ebay test item'

So Evo is handling that line correct. Seems like KDE does anything magic
or weired with the parameters or the command line while passing it...

Have you tried quoting all? Works too (from console).

% evolution "mailto:here test com?subject=Ebay test item"

Did you try it from konsole instead of a link in Konqueror?

As for the people I spoke about that had the problems, if you search the
archives like a good little admin is suppose to do before yapping on a
List, you'll find a lot of people who couldn't figure out that they had
to add "mailto" to the command line. Those are who I spoke of. Some of
them touched on the %s problem, but no one really answered it.

Sorry again, I never saw that question upcoming...

If going into Gnome doesn't work, I'll do the updates. I hadn't heard
that there were some out yet and see if that fixes anything. I doubt it,
but you never know. Stranger things have happened to me before.

You can try updating, but I'm not sure, if it will fix your problem.
That update was for security reasons -- I don't know any details about

I don't have KDE installed, so I can't test further than a console.
Hope, you get that solved...


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