[Evolution] Evolution bug in Mailto for KDE

I have been researching how to setup Evolution as the default mail
handler for Konqueror and I've been half successful. Here is what I have
so far.

Open control panel, go to network, then email and put this line in as
the mail handler

/usr/bin/evolution mailto:%t

Now. This works just fine, it opens a compose box with the senders
address in the TO field. Now comes the problem. I guess the best way I
can explain these weirdness things is by showing you the lines I use,
and what happens.

/usr/bin/evolution mailto:%t?subject=%s

This passes the TO field correctly, but the subject line is blank.

/usr/bin/evolution mailto:%s

This passes the subject into the TO field, which means %s is working.

/usr/bin/evolution mailto:%s?subject=%t

This does NOT pass the subject into the to field (Why? It did in the
above line.) And passes the To variable (%t) to the subject line as it
should have.

It looks to me like something is broken with the Evolution command line
for accepting variables from KDE somehow.

I've seen A LOT of people ask about this problem, but no one has ever
explained just what the problem was. Once they got the %t working, they
stopped looking. And thus I think this bug has gone unnoticed.

This is my 1st post to the evolution lists, so I don't know where to
send bug reports but I figured this is a good a place to start as any.

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