[Evolution] Sound for Mail Notification in Evolution 1.2.1 not working

Hi all-

I've seen a few posts, but nothing concrete on a solution for the
problem that I'm having on three different systems running Mandrake 9.0
and Evolution 1.2.1.  I cannot get a sound to play (or a beep) for new
mail notification.  esd is running:
 /usr/bin/esd -terminate -nobeeps -as 2 -spawnfd 14

Sound events/server turned on.  Every other sound works - panel sounds,
etc ... but not a peep from Evolution.  I've even read some posts where
sounds based on filters work - but no luck there, either.

I have a colleague that has sound working fine ... the only difference
was installation method; I think he mentioned that he did not use Red
Carpet... but still - I've searched the net over for any information
regarding this problem and haven't seen anything.

Thanks for any help-

Brendan Murphy <Brendan Murphy cudenver edu>
University of Colorado at Denver

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