Re: [Evolution] Spell Check Component Fails to start

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 12:53, Yves Bajard wrote:

No, working in Konsole (in root), I typed the first command suggested by
 # rpm -qa ! grep spell

And here is the answer I got:

My scant understanding of Linux is that:
 -qa in the command means question and answer

-qa is the same as -q -a, which is the same as --query --all.  It lists
all the packages you have installed.  Piping through grep allows you to
perform regular expressions on the output, e.g. list all installed
packages that have the "spell" string in them.

 grep may means go and fetch data 

g/re/p, Globally search for Regular Expression and Print.  ed(1) syntax,
very old.

Am I understanding this correctly?

It comes out the same.

In the answer, I understand that I have in my filesystem (how do I find
where they are?)

rpm -ql aspell-en-ca

, aspell files (are they programs or data?)for Danish, 
Spanish, Canadian English, and French, which are my four operating
languages. I do not have the American English aspell and my various
dictionaries or spell check programs are of different ages (if I read
their numbering OK).

On Red Hat, there is no separate aspell-en package; what would be its
contents are in the regular aspell package.  Other distros (e.g. a
certain French one and a certain German one) have aspell-en packages,
which makes sense for French and German distros.

Now, I hesistate about what to do next. Should I rpm the aspell programs
separately? How do I get the gnome-spell-0.5-1.ximian.4, instead of my
older file? How do I activated my aspells etc..?

How do I get the spell check to work on my current ximian evolution,
which is 1.2.0., untio I sort out Mark Gordon's instructions adn advice
(Thanks, Mark) about how to get on to Red Carpet and download 1.2.1.?

One significant difference between your system and mine at this point is
the pspell package.  I have pspell-0.12.2-ximian.7.

And wher do I get a tutorial explaining in plain English how toadminster
my system, where the authors are really clear about the starting points
in taking on the tasks (for example, telling us where from we start from
on the konsole, rather than assuming we know it already)(I am wading
through O'ReillY,s latest publication of Running Linux, a very good
book, but sometimes arcane..)

I liked Running Linux back when I read it, about five years ago.  I'm
not sure there is one perfect source on all information.  I still end up
googling for things I don't know, mostly when trying to set up exotic
new hardware.

Sorry for a long post, bu i ahve quite a few questions adn feel
somehwhat stupid when I read explanations given by people who think I am
at their (unstated) starting point when I am not..

Yves Bajard

-Mark Gordon

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