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On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 06:46, guenther wrote:

Thanks. This trick works very nicely. Too bad the folks who responded to
my wishlist entry didn't mention it. Would have saved me a lot of

My signature below is an example of the .signature file I use - the
quote is generated by a perl script, and is saved in the .signature file
for use in both email and news readers. As long as I remember to set the
format to "Normal" instead of "Preformatted", it even wraps properly.


As it's a script, you even can conf Evolution to run a sript, instead of
a 'file' that really generates a new signature. ;)

Yup. Tried that when I saw the script option, and discovered that the
output from the script is treated as if it's all on one line.

Evolution at leas treats signature scripts as HTML internally -- don't
know if plain text signature files are converted. Even when sending
plain/text mail, signature scripts are treatet as HTML and converted to
plain text.

Yeah. I noticed that. Seems kind of silly to me. But then again, I'm one
of those reactionary types who thinks that HTML is for web pages, NOT
email. Email is plain text, by definition.

So, maybe you wanna try a script, that generates <br> instead of \n.
Another trick is, to put the signature in <pre> </pre> Tags for Evo.
Although I didn't try that.

Evolution treats the signature as preformatted when it imports it using
your trick. Unfortunately, that means the quote is treated as one long
line, instead of wrapping at the appropriate place, unless that line is
converted to "normal" formatting.

FWIW: Try a script, that reads (runs?) your ~/.signature and wrap it in
<pre> Tag. Just to get rid of that manually re-formatting.

Yup. Tried that. If my other programs recognized html in signatures, it
would even work good. Unfortunately, they don't, so what I get is the
signature with naked html tags in it.

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