Re: [Evolution] Linking mail, mbox and Evolution mail folder

Tony, Thanks for the info. I don't think that I explained correctly what
I was trying to do.  The mail I was trying to get it actually on the
same computer, and in the same user account.  I have managed to
configure Evolution to get the mail by configuring another mail account
using local delivery.  It seems to work ok now. I do want to try IMAP in
the future.

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 21:47, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2003-01-08 kl. 13:24 skrev Steve Sykes:

How do I link the folders and/or directories that Pine, mail and
Evolution use so that mail that is delivered to my user account can show
in Evolution along with the mail that is popped from the local server?

Don't reckon you can do it with POP, it's no trouble at all with IMAP.

Sorry if I'm talking down a bit, it's not the intention

POP mail gets removed from the server. Evo stuffs it into a proprietary
directory, ~/evolution/local where Pine couldn't possibly access it. Let
alone Unix mail.

IMAP mail stays on the server or, if your Unix home directory is on
another machine, into that. You can organize your own folders, though
whatever happens, your INBOX stays on a central server. It stays in a
server-dependant standard format and extraneous mail clients leave it
that way. Evo makes its own summaries in a different directory and adds
funny things like labels, but leaves the original files as they are. The
point is, you should be able to read it with an IMAP client from
anywhere on the Internet, including Pine, if things are done properly by
your network admin or ISP. Mail should be able to be synced to your
notebook or whatever.

My clients are Evo, which is my favorite for local reading, and Horde's
server-side, browser-based Imp for webmail (Internet). Both read and
leave mail on the same servers and they share common mailbox folders.



Steve Sykes
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Abu Dhabi, UAE
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