[Evolution] Wish: Two-Month Printout

I am one of those low-tech persons who spends a considerable amount of time away from my computer(s) and who doesn't have a Palm Pilot. I solved this problem until recently with Lotus Organizer for Windows, which allows me to print my to-do list on one side of a sheet of paper and a two-month layout of appointments on the other side. Letter-folded and folded once more, it goes in my shirt pocket for easy reference and jotting of notes.

Evolution is the first Linux program I've found that comes close to this convenience. The task list printout is just fine, but the appointment printout is lacking. The problem is that you can print only a single month's appointments. This means that the printout becomes less and less useful as the month progresses and fewer future days can be seen. What is needed is either a two-month printout, or a print of 4 weeks starting on any selected week (as can be displayed on-screen).


Lane P. Lester / Madison County, Georgia
Running Linux more and Windows less

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