[Evolution] Inline GPG/PGP messages should be supported!

I recently stated that GPG/PGP messages from myself were correctly decrypted in Evolution 1.2.1, but messages from others are not. A reply from vbi clarified the problem, pointing out that that stated that earlier versions had support for inline PGP, but that this has been dropped, because the related problem of reliably verifying inline signatures is not solvable. Most GPG-encrypted messages sent to me are inline, so dropping support for them makes Evolution basically unusable for reading GPG-encrypted messages. KMail handles such messages just fine, so I don't believe there is any fundamental issue.

I strongly suggest that support for inline GPG be restored, in some form.
vbi suggested a 'pass this mail through gpg' button in the toolbar.  Instead, I would suggest that inline GPG be simply decrypted. To clarify that a GPG-encrypted message was in fact encrypted, I suggest that there be some visual indicator that the message was decrypted - a different color background, for example, together with a text message stating that the message was encrypted. Again, KMail has a good implementation of this.

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