Re: [Evolution] IMAP problems and workarounds

søn, 2003-01-05 kl. 15:50 skrev Andrew Cowie:

Over the past few weeks, I experienced some show-stopping problems with
my IMAP in evolution 1.2.1 . This message summarizes two such problems,
and presents the workarounds that I discovered/implemented for each. 

The problems are

      1. Evolution hangs if it looses it's remote connection

No comment, my connection is local.

      2. Evolution's hangs after interacting with UW-IMAPD

I use UW-imapd (I have to have MBOX support, would rather have used
Courier for MAILDIR), and in spite og what people write, I have no
criticism of it.My imapd uses pam_ldap for Openldap 2.1.10
authentication and SSL/TLS for those clients that support it (for me,
Horde's PHP 4.3-based Imp - not Evo).

I suppose it depends on what version you're using. I compiled
imap-2002a.DEV.SNAP-0212051126 with PAM and Openssl support and Evo has
no straight IMAP protocol trouble with it whatsoever, though no

Before I start though, thanks to the entire development team for such a
wonderful email client. Evolution is [mostly ;)] a pleasure to use, and
I know that we all greatly appreciate the hard work.

Agreed :-) Apart from ldap support (which could be stronger) and imapd
encryption, I have no complaints whatsoever. Better than Mozilla,




Tony Earnshaw

When all's said and done ...
there's nothing left to say or do.

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