Re: [Evolution] Creating Folders in Evolution for IMAP account


I've got an IMAP server running on my computer, and I've been using
Evolution lately to pull the mail from the IMAP folders into Evolution's
own folders.
Now, though, I'd like to point Evolution directly at the IMAP folders,
just to save time, space, and RAM (and to keep things consistent with
folder locations when I check my mail remotely with Squirrelmail).

Why? Use IMAP even when on the same computer as the IMAP server runs.
Wheres the problem?

To get all those local mail back to the IMAP server, just drag-n-drop
the folders to the IMAP account on the folders tree.

If your IMAP server (like mine) supports/uses mbox files, just copy your
local stored mail to the server and remove those Evo caching files.

Trouble is, I already have a bunch of sub-folders and filters set up in
my local folders.  Is there a way to easily transfer them all to work
with my IMAP folders?

I think, you have to change all filters, that are moving/copying to
another folder. Don't know though, as I mainly use procmail.

As you said, you are (wanna) using IMAP and do check with other mail
clients. That really sounds like a job for procmail to sort mails. I use
procmail, so my mails are pre-sorted, even when I use another mail

(Sure, Evo on another computer -- as if I would use another mail client
besides Evo... ;-)

Also, when I try creating a subfolder using Evolution (by right-clicking
on INBOX and selecting "create new folder"), I get an error message...
which just says, "Generic Error", which isn't very useful.

That's what I get too -- on my IMAP account that is.

I suppose that depends on the IMAP server (don't know, if it is valid
for IMAP, though, as I am not to skilled with IMAP servers).

I have an INBOX and a "folder" .mail, where my mailbox tree is stored
in. That's the namespace for my IMAP account (see Tools / Settings).

The point is, with my IMAP server, the INBOX really is
/var/spool/mail/guenther and my namespace really is /home/guenther/.mail
-- so all my mails except INBOX are in my home.

The Evolution support pages are a bit sparse on this topic.  Can anyone
point me at some good resources that will help me figure this out?

Hope, that does the job. If not, I may have understand you completely


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