Re: [Evolution] Can not update Evolution through Red Carpet anymore

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 18:28, Patrick Parks wrote:
I am having a problem with updating Evolution through Red Carpet. It
downloads the update, acts like it is installing it, then when it says
it is finished, and I click ok, it goes to a window that says I dont
have any packages installed from this channel. I am running Red Hat 8.0,
Evolution 1.2.2,  and Red Carpet 1.4. Has anyone seen or of this

Yes. I have had this problem, and discovered that what caused it was a
corrupted RPM db. The fix I found is to delete the db lock files in
/var/lib/rpm and run rpm --rebuilddb before you do any other rpm-related
tasks. After I did that, Red Carpet was able to install things properly
again. There's a reference with instructions on how to do it properly at

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