RE: [Evolution] "Alarms for past events" bug still present in 1.2.2

Hi Ronald,

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Since I stumbled over and fixed the new window alarm
problem. Maybe I can help to reproduce it.
Some questions,
Did you do a killev before you upgraded? Closing evolution 

Frankly speaking, I don't remember, but I think it's
possible that I did not. Obviously, I closed Evo.

will not stop
the alarm process, and can be a problem while updating. I 
don't know how
red-carpet, if used, will handle it but it should generate an error.

There was no error from Red Carpet, upgrade was smooth.

Somebody mentioned on the list that they ended up with different (2)
versions installed, did you check for that?

Do you shut down and restart your system every night, or let 
it run with
the alarm process still up, again closing evolution will not stop it.

Yes, I shut it down every night.

How many calendar windows are you using when the problem occurs?

I use single Evo instance and I set one test alarm.

Is the system bios time set correctly, or do you or some process
sync/change the time after start up.

I don't think so.. I think system time is OK, but I will take a look.

Can you run a patched, for debug information, of 
If possible 1.2.1, sorry I need the spell checking 
capabilities of 1.2.1
and therefore will not use 1.2.2. But my guess is for debugging it
wouldn't matter, since we just want to see why the alarm triggers

How can I obtain patched version ?



Jaroslaw Nozderko
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jaroslaw nozderko polkomtel com pl
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