Re: [Evolution] How to set priority when sending messages

Thanks,  I suspected that was the case, but I had to ask?  It's too bad.  I really like Evolution, but for some time now Evolution has not been very usable, at least on my machine.  Every time I attempt to sync my Clie, gpilotd crashes with a segmentation fault.  Every time I enter the calendar, the application freezes, either on exit or after some time elsewhere.  I can't get return receipts or set priority ( I know these are discussion topics, but I don't wish to discuss them.  I'm the customer and the customer is ALWAYS right).

With all of these problems I end up using Evo as a mail client and jpilot for my calendar, tasks and memos (another Evo shortcoming).  Maybe I'll switch to Mozilla Mail and later Thunderbird.

Thanks again.

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 11:45, guenther wrote:
> I haven't found a way to set the priority on outgoing messages in evo.  
> Am I missing something?

Nope, you aren't missing anything. This is just not possible using

For personal opinions about this topic, please see the archives. ;-)

Ron Hauptfleisch <hops foobox net>

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