Re: [Evolution] Ability to save the scrollbar position

On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 13:49, Christian Schubnell wrote:
is there any ability to save the position of the
scrollbar? After every start of evolution i must scroll
down to the last mail.

This would seem to be related as well to sort direction.

The case being described as when you're, say, sorting by date, and have
the newer dated messages down the list.

In that (fairly common) scenario, it's really rather a pain to have to
scroll manually to get to the bottom to see new messages.

I believe this has been raised before, at the time the reply was that
there wasn't a way to control the scroll bar widget. That said, when
you've got messages threaded the current message pointer hops around all
over the place, so perhaps a solution is "default cursor position to
next unread message" when opening a folder?


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