RE: [Evolution] unable to connect to exchange 2000 OWA server wit h pop3 and ssl ?

Thanks, This was the answer I needed. I needed to upgrade to 1.4.4 first to
get the 'whenever possible' option and when selected I can now click on
supported types and send email. Is this option documented anywhere?

Thanks again for the quick response and fix.


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with pop3 and ssl ?

You might want to try different options with the 'use ssl', e.g.
'always' is not the same as 'when possible'.

When possible will try using 'starttls' if available on the normal port,
'always' will just connect directly to the secure smtp port.

As for your other query, i presume you mean 'other than email', 'cause
otherwise the answer is 'pop3' and 'smtp' protocols, with various
extensions, like ssl and sasl auth.

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 18:24, Brian Wince wrote:
We are moving to exchange 2000 and have a requirement to use pop and/or
with ssl to connect to the OWA server using TLS on port 25. I have not
able to get this to work with evolution. I can get this to work with
mail on linux RedHat 8.0. I am running evolution version 1.0.8-10. When
setting up the mail account for the outgoing mail server I select use
connection (ssl) and server requires authentication. When I click on check
for supported types in the authentication section I get a popup stating
checking services than sits there for a very long time and finally comes
back with the follow popup " error while 'checking service':Welcome
error: Input/output error: possibly non-fatal". If I click okay and then
manually select either passwd or nt login from drop down I can not send
Does any one have any idea what could be wrong, how to resolve this

Thanks in advance.


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