[Evolution] Messages sent over and over

I've stumbled on an interesting problem.  Using Evo 1.4.4, Connector
1.4.4, and RedHat 9, XD2.

When (only) working from home over a cable modem and IPSec VPN
connection, I have experienced a glitch where sending an email results
in this pop-up message:

Error while performing operation:
Could not append message
However, the message was successfully sent.

Indeed the message is sent, but Evo does not appear to remove it from a
"magical" outbox somewhere and continually tries to send the message
over and over.  Every time Evo checks mail - or if I hit Send/Receive -
it will send another copy out.  There is nothing in my Outbox, but when
I close Evo it tells me I have unsent messages.  

The only way to stop my recipient's inbox from filling up is blowing
away my evolution directory and starting over (unless there's an easier

This never happens while I'm at work on the local LAN.  

The only common denominator to recreating this (besides being on VPN):
it has thus far only happened when sending to a group mail-list we have
at work.  But that shouldn't have any impact on Evo... it's just an
email address, no?  I try to recreate by sending to myself and other
regular emails, and it works fine.  So I don't know if it's a random
problem, or if there's more to it.

Has anyone else had this in Evo 1.4.4?


Chris Boyce

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