Re: [Evolution] Synching a Handspring Visor (Palm Pilot) crashes my computer

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 09:26, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 00:02, Jonathan Pryor wrote:
When I attempt to synchronize my Handspring Visor with Evolution 1.4, my
computer freezes, with the caps-lock and scroll-lock LED's blinking. 
This is with the most recent Evolution available through Red Carpet,
running under Red Hat 9.  I have parts of Ximian Desktop 2 installed as
well, but not all of it.  (Call it a bastardized hybrid between the
default Red Hat 9 and XD2.)

This is on a Dell Inspiron 4000 Laptop, though I doubt that should be a

It is - this is apparently down to a race which occurs with some USB

Its a kernel problem, but I don't currently know of a fix.  Some
compiles show the problem more often (I had one that triggered 2 out of
3 times), some less (most of my kernels fire this off 1 time in 20 or
much fewer).  I've seen the problem on and off on 2 different laptops
over the last 18 months at least.

Yes, my (Dell) desktop machine was doing it for a while.  It seems OK
now after I re-setup my pilot on the machine and did a kernel re-compile
(don't know which solved it, but I suspect my kernel re-compile!).  Is
it Dell's USB implementation or are other machines affected?


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