Re: [Evolution] printing not the entire email in evolution 1.2.4

On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 15:54, Andre Klapper wrote:
hi there,

i'm using evolution 1.2.4 on gnome 2.0 (suse 8.1) and need perhaps just
a hint:

when i go to print preview, i cannot find a possibility 
to print less than the entire email - e.g. if a person replies to an
email sent by me and there is a full-quote of my mail at the bottom of
the mail which i do not have to be printed...

is this planned for 1.4 or already released in 1.3, or is the print
dialogue that i see part of gnome1 and the print dialogue of gnome2
which will be implemented in version 1.4 will support printing just a
part of the email (because gedit2 as a gnome2-application supports

it's not supported in 1.3.x and evolution is already feature frozen. I
entered a bug with this feature request so it will be hopefully
implemented in 1.6.


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