Re: [Evolution] Accented letters

On Sat, 2003-04-19 at 11:53, Ermanno Bonifazi wrote:
Ximian 1.2.4 support accented letters? If yes there is something to change?

You should only need to set your font to one that supports the
characters you want (you also need to your character encoding set right,
but I doubt that is a problem!).

The fonts for the editor/composer/message viewer (and maybe something
else) are settable via Evolution's menu:
  Tools->Settings->Font Preferences (near the bottom).

The fonts for the user interface are a Gnome-wide setting, and you need
to use the Gnome Control Center for that.  Since Evolution 1.2.4 is a
Gnome 1.4 application, you need to use the Gnome 1.4 Control Center.  If
your linux distribution ships with Gnome 2.x, you'll need to find
'gnomecc' -- maybe you already have it.

And if you want to be able to easily type accents in more than one
language, you should run something like the 'gkb' applet to allow you to
switch between different keyboard layouts (Italian and Enlgish, for
example).  Then you can just pretend your keyboard has the keys in the
same place as the American ones (or whatever you need).

Così si puo sistemare i charatteri (spero!)

If you still have, please search the mailing list archives, your answer
is probably already there =)


I have nothing against the American people... 
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