Re: [Evolution] evolution 1.2.4 and printing

On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 00:37, Chuck Mead wrote:
When I print an email message evolution really goes berserk. For several
minutes the client is unusable and evolution-mail takes up to 99% cpu.
Then finally it prints and I get control back. I dunno what the matter
is but this is clearly not what should be happening. I have: 

[csm stealth csm]$ rpm -q gnome-print

Hmm... Red Hat 9, I assume? I wasn't able to reproduce.  Granted, I was
using a small bit of text rather than, for example, a large or
complicated document.  Does it do this with *any* email?

Oh, one difference... I'm using Red Hat's 1.2.2 on Red Hat 9.  Your
1.2.4 was one that survived the upgrade from Red Hat 8.0?  I wonder
whether you'd have this problem if you reverted to Red Hat's 1.2.2

-Mark Gordon

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