Re: [Evolution] Couple of initial questions

On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 08:31, Tuc wrote:

        Looking at emails with pictures, I see mini mini mini snaps of them,
then a way to save/hide/inline. Is there a way to increase the preview size
of them? Is there a way to automatically inline them no matter what?

I don't reckon there's a way to change the preview size, but clicking
the down-arrow at least views them...and since you already know how to
save/save as...

        The next is something I'm having a heck of a time finding in any
other product I've looked at. Currently I use elm (Yes, trying to bring myself
kicking and screaming into atleast the 20th century, maybe close to the 21st.)
and the one feature I *LOVE* is that when I send a message, it automatically
folders it into a folder based on the user of a "user domain ext" . Ok, so
yea "webmaster ttsg com" and "webmaster mariekasper com" end up in the same
folder, but I EXPECT it. When I go to save the emails when they come to me, I 
might just save to "companyweb" and "m0k". So yea its a little weird, but I
was looking for some way for evolution to do that itself. Other products I've
looked at have said "Sure, for everyone you ever email, set up a single rule".
Um, my current folder has 2941 sub-folders. When I wrote another group last 
week it was 2920. So adding 21 folders a week by hand, and remembering BEFORE
I send it is really a PITA. Is there something I can do? 

Dunno on that one...

        The next issue is the help, no matter what I can't get it to come
up. I can't find anywhere to change browsers, I've installed Nautilus... No

What desktop are you using - KDE or GNOME?

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