Re: [Evolution] Deleting a calendar event that repeats

On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 01:05, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 08:07, Tom Ball wrote:
Is there a way to delete a recurring calendar event all at once?  I
tried doing so and found that each item appears separate.  I peeked in
the calendar.ics file and saw that each of them have the same
RECURRENCE-ID, but if I open one of them, the Recurrence Rule has "No
recurrence" selected. 

you can, after right-clicking on the event, select the 'Delete all
ocurrences' menu item in the popup menu that appears. That would delete
all ocurrences.

Is this a new feature?  I am running 1.0.8, and right-clicking on an
event only gets me open, delete, cut, copy and paste.

The same goes for editing a recurring calendar item as well.  One reason
I am deleting all of them is that they changed the meeting time on me.

there is no way to edit a particular ocurrence alone, except if you make
the ocurrence movable (again, by right-clicking on the event and
selecting 'Make this ocurrence movable' on the popup menu).

"Moveable" isn't an obvious concept, as least to this old brain.  A more
intuitive alternative I've run into is to be able to edit an entry, and
if it recurs then after hitting OK I get a dialog that asks if I want to
edit just this entry, all recurrences forward in time, or all entries
(though I don't know why I'd want to edit the past in a calendar).  The
program can translate a "edit just this entry" click into a make movable
action without having to present that concept to an ordinary calendar


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