Re: [Evolution] Why this rdf can be found?

On Sat, 2002-09-28 at 03:15, William X Walsh wrote:
On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 10:49, Not Zed wrote:

Since it is included in the platforms, there is no licensing disconnect.
Yes, I've followed many such licensing discussions, and even the purist
debian freaks (meant affectionately ;) came to this conclusion 

And this really becomes a moot point since gnome-vfs is an LGPL library,
which provides no conflict at all with it linking to OpenSSL under the

Evolution is GPL though.

Doesn't matter, for the purposes of the licensing issue at hand, the
only license that matters is the one for gnome-vfs.  Evolution can link
against it regardless of whether it was compiled with or without
OpenSSL, without any licensing concerns at all.

And even if some purists insist on making this an issue, it can all be
resolved by adding an addendum to the gnome-vfs license that grants
explicit permission to link against the OpenSSL libs.  So if some people
insist on making this an issue, then we can just push the gnome
foundation to add such a permission to the gnome-vfs package.

There are no drawbacks for that, especially in light of the fact that
there is no GPL licensed package that provides the functionality of
OpenSSL yet.

William Walsh <william wxw org>
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