Re: [Evolution] outlook 2000 mail not threading.

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 01:32, Not Zed wrote:

Some (broken) mailers dont set these at all, or they set in-reply-to to
an unparsable/meaningless value (its supposed to be the message-id of
the parent message). 

Yes, I just replied to Jeff, Outlook 2k is doing this:

Thread-Topic: Busy today :o)
Thread-Index: AcJkRMhGw6H/dBfwTEe/qs903t3nJwAiQIpg

Man, this really bugs me now.  Before it was just a minor "is this an
evo bug?" thing, but I have just looked through some of my mail, outlook
express 5 uses the References: tag.  So why change now, or recently.
Same old same old from MS huh?

Lots of anger from me in the direction of MS,. this was changed during
the anti trust trial wasn't it?  outlook 2k is the mailer...  Are they
really invulnerable? above the law?

Yeah I know, getting of topic but... shit! One of my lifes gudiing rules
is KISS, you know keep it simple stupid    

Changing mail headers is (a) not KISS and (b) just bloddy petty...


*  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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