Re: [Evolution] Re: evo 1.0.8

Look for gtkhtml1.1


On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 15:01, Alec Schramm wrote:
 I'm running RH 7.3, and just upgraded evo to 1.0.8.  And now
I cannot send any mail (though I receive just fine).  Whenever I 
hit Reply or New Message, I get a window which says

"Could not create composer window:
 Unable to activate HTML editor components.

The error from the activation system is:
Nothing matched the requirements"

I had this problem the other day after upgrading to gtkhtml-1.0.3. 
Reinstalling gtkhtml-1.0.2 fixed the problem.

Fair enough.  But when I run rpm -q gtkhtml I'm told gtkhtml is
not installed.  So I go to the RH7.3 channel on red-carpet to 
load gtkhtml (and the library).  When I try to install, though, it
complains about what I interpret to be the inability to *down*grade.
Well, which is it:  is gtkhtml installed or not?

I've tried using gnomerpm, but it keeps crashing.

Can anybody help?



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