Re: [Evolution] Ldap, Evo and evolutionPerson.schema

The location of the schema file wasn't communicated that well even to
the people that *did* use the source instead of binary snapshots.  The
reason being it was a hack and even when I wrote it I knew most of it
would end up being deprecated eventually (parts of it already are -- the
calendar/freebusy fields).
Contact lists again will probably *not* use the format in the current
evolutionPerson schema, and yes, there's a bug about the lack of them,
and yes, it's slated for 1.2.
The evolutionPerson LDAP schema that has been available to date has at
least worked until Openldap version 2.1.4. However, 2.1.5 rejects it.
This seems to be because it doesn't accept certain OIDs. Nor can I find
a config file feature "allow/disallow" switch to change this behavior.
Using LDAP and Evo without this schema renders LDAP for Evo more or less
useless, since half the normal Evo contact attributes aren't available.
Chris said he'd been taken off Evo to work on other things. Does anybody
at Ximian know if there's been any further work done on the
evolutionPerson or contact list schemas? And if so, are they available
anywhere? I'd like to update Openldap to 2.1.5.

evolutionPerson is a structural class.  That is probably the root of the
problem.  You can only have one structural object class per object. 
evolutionPerson should be AUXILLIARY.
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