[Evolution] Occasionally losing outbound smtp mail

Evolution 1.0.8
Mandrake 8.0 i586

I'll open a bug for this if you think it will be any help, basically I'm
wondering if anyone has seen a similar problem in the past.

For probably the sixth time in the past year or so, I lost a number of
outbound emails that were (I'm guessing) in the process of being sent,
but ended up neither in the recipients box, the Outbox, or my Sent

I noticed this morning that the status bar (?) where it normally says
'Fetching Mail...' when doing send/rcv was split in two, the left said
Sending 'Message 1' and the right said Sending 'Message 2'.  When I
would hit Send/Receive, messages would download, and Sending would say
stmp and complete.  Did this a number of times.

When I went to shut down evo, the "Exiting evolution" message box would
stay up [This has been something I've noticed each time].  

I did notice that netstat said I still had an ESTABLISHED smtp
connection to my server.  I waited for 20 minutes, nothing.  I stopped
the network for 10 minutes, then brought it back up, nothing.  Finally
ran killev, which is where I ultimately end up every time this problem
happens, and all queued messages are lost when I restart.

Any ideas?  Has anyone else seen this?  

Is there anyplace that these exist as files under ~/evolution when
they're at that stage so if it happens again I can at least save the
text of the messages?



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