Re: [Evolution] LDAP schema

Actually, we are looking to try and implement a cross-organizational
LDAP schema for address books that includes support for a very
heterogenous network.

Basically, we need a schema which will work with Evolution,
Mozilla/Netscape, Lotus, Outlook/OE *and* Pegasus Mail (an NGO
actually). Obviously not everything is going to get in there, but does
anyone have any ideas on where to start. Designing an ldap schema is
hard to being with, so I'd appreciate *anyone's* advice on the matter.
Or even pointers on schema designs to look at or get ideas from.


On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 18:02, Ross Burton wrote:
On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 16:48, Adam Williams wrote:
What is the proper schemas I should use to be able to enter all or most
fields in my LDAP database from Evolution ? I have read in the archive
that the evolutionPerson schema is not recommended to be used because of
its non-conformance to the standards. 
We require a functioning LDAP server which allows Evolution and Outlook
Express to edit contacts. I'm willing to test any schemas and then write
documentation on this complex issue.
Ross, hoping that someone, somewhere, has a working schema...

I thought Outlook used the officePerson schema?

I have no idea, I am without clue when it comes to LDAP schemas.

All I want is something which OE and Evo can talk too! :)  Does that
mean that a out-of-the-box OpenLDAP should work with OE?

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