Re: [Evolution] LDAP schema

tir, 2002-09-24 kl. 08:02 skrev Tony Earnshaw:

What is the proper schemas I should use to be able to enter all or most
fields in my LDAP database from Evolution ? I have read in the archive
that the evolutionPerson schema is not recommended to be used because of
its non-conformance to the standards. 

All I can say is, is that the evolutionPersom schema works for me and
that it's certainly better than nothing, as long as you: a. don't use
Internet referrals from your server and b: keep to the standard
UMichigan or Openldap schemas, apart from the Evo one.

Hmmm ... in the meantime I built and tested Openldap 2.1.5 against
Berkeley BDB 4.0 libraries (4.1 gives - me at any rate a segmentation
fault) and did 'make test', all o.k., make install, Red Hat 'service
ldap start' and immediately got complaints about the evolutionPerson
schema objectClasses breaking the rules.

IOW, it wouldn't start! I had to go back to Openldap 2.1.4.

So that's put paid to that one. There'll have to be a new
evolutionPerson schema.

I'd volunteer to reinvent the wheel and redesign it, but it would mean
an enormous amount of time for me (reinventing the wheel) nd I'm up
against a longtime deadline already.

The rest still applies :-)




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