Re: [Evolution] CTRL+ bug closed rudely.

I agree.

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 14:39, Zot O'Connor wrote:

Package: Evolution
Priority: Major
Synopsis: View font increase size now changes fonts for all open widnow panes
Bugzilla-Product: Evolution
Bugzilla-Component: Mailer

Before this snapshot, the CTRL+ feature increased the font for the
visible window.

Now it is increasing all of them.  This is bad.

The main reason *I* use the feature is HTML/RTF mail from outlook users
that use a tiny tiny font.  I increase the font size twice, and it is
fine.  But now, all of my other windows are huge and unreadable.

This new behavior does not match any other behavior.  Take Mozilla for
instance, when you CTRL+ in a tab, it effects no other tabs or windows.

I can understand having a default increase setting for poor eyes, or
mointors (fonts), but it should be a setting, not a on-the-fly control.

------- Additional Comments From Jeff Stedfast 2002-09-23 15:43 -------

yea, because people complained that it didn't before.


1)  I was asked by someone at Ximian to open this as a bug. To close it
in such a manner seems rude.

2) So, what is the process for deciding this?  If "people complain" now
will you just change it back?  Is there a public forum for this?

 I believe it was correct before.  If people need to change the default
look and feel for all window panes, then it should be a setting under
options (perhaps also a menu setting under view. like view -> Text size
-> set for all windows.  and also -> make default setting
(permanently).  It seems like people who want all windows enlarged,
really want the permanent setting (they have small fonts, or bad eyes).

As I point out above, this breaks the patterns of other X apps, Mozilla
being the number 1, but also multiple instances of things like
gnome-term, gimp, and others, keep per window sizes.  I mean you would
not expect enlarging one image in the gimp to enlarge all shown images
would you?  And to say, "but they are both text" is bogus, they are
usually plain text, and "something" from Outlook.

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