[Evolution] Evolution-1.1.1 beta build error


System is a fully updated Red Hat Null beta with bonobo-conf-0,16,
oaf-0.6.10, soup-0.7.8, gtkhtml-1.1-1.1.2 and gal-0.20. When building
the evolution-1.1.1-0.ximian.1.2.src.rpm I get the following error:

cc1: warning: changing search order for system directory "/usr/include"
cc1: warning:   as it has already been specified as a non-system
In file included from pas-backend-file.h:9,
                 from pas-backend-file.c:10:
pas-backend.h:27:29: pas/addressbook.h: No such file or directory
In file included from pas-backend.h:32,
                 from pas-backend-file.h:9,
                 from pas-backend-file.c:10:
../../../addressbook/backend/pas/pas-book.h:17:29: pas/addressbook.h: No
such file or directory

Clearly addressbook.h is not present in the pas dir. Other instances of
addressbook.h (the one in addressbook/backend/ebook/ and in
addressbook/gui/component/ differ from each other so I have no idea how
to solve this. Any ideas?

(my apologies if this message should have gone to evolution-hackers.
please tell me if this is the case)

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