Re: [Evolution] Evolution vs Mutt

Jeffrey Stedfast said:
On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 07:51, Jose Celestino wrote:
Words by Alessio Bragadini [Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 02:23:33PM +0300]:
On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 14:16, Cecil Westerhoff wrote:

What also would be nice to empty the deleted messages from one
folder only. I moderate a mailinglist and in a week my mailbox for
this folder was about 7 MB of deleted messages. The only way to
empty was to empty all mailboxes. Not a disaster, just not nice.

I actually believe that 'Expunge' or Ctrl+E does exactly this.

Not, it expunges on the current folder only.

well, that's what you wanted isn't it?

Perhaps the "Not" is a typo for "Note" ...

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